Friday, July 12, 2013

Not Made In America

Yesterday afternoon was another shopping day for the boys.  This time, they would be buying gift items for their family. Great!  So hubby and I drove them to Ontario Mills.  Wow, it is really quite a long time since I shopped here!  I thought I lost my turn cuz I couldn’t see the landmarks that used to guide me around.  Oh, there’s the familiar board with arrows…. And the theaters.  I’m in.  But wait, where is the complex that house the stores? 
“There,” hubby told me. 
“Where?” cuz all I could see were trees. 
“Just drive on and we will be there.”
Finally, we  were parked.
“Okay, will 2 hours be fine with you?”
“Please make it 2 ½.” Green said.
“Okay.  Make sure you look after each other, and Green you are the oldest so be in-charge, okay?”
Green smiled as he nodded.
Hubby found a bench and settled in.  Walking is not his cup-of-tea.
On the 1 3/4 hour mark, I saw Toni and told me  that he lost the other three.  Poor, Toni, because he got so engrossed in what he was choosing, he didn’t notice that the older ones have already left for another store!  This wasn’t new to me.  Same situation happened the day before.
“Did you have fun?”
“Yes, but I didn’t like it.”
“Everything I chose says “Made in China”. I just don’t like it!  What is happening to America.”
I smiled silently.
“I still have to get one more for my grandmother.”
“Oh, that’s great.”
When he came back he showed me a shaving set for his dad and a towel-pot-holder for his grandma.  The day before, he bought a Disney T-shirt for his sister and a make-up kit for his mother.  Such a thoughtful boy!
When we got home everyone was complaining of not finding anything made in America!

What would you tell these boys?

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