Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Homestay Parenting Experiences - Once Again

The text said:
 "Please pick up the students at 10:00... as the flight got delayed."
By 9:30 hubby and I were already at the designated parking lot.
By 9:37 another text arrived that there will still be some additonal 30-minute delay.  We thought: "No problem."
After some more back and forth messages hubby and I gave a sigh of relief when we saw the bus inching into the parking lot.
It was 11:45 pm!

Introductions,  pictures taken for each group,  and off we went.

"Are you hungry?"  I asked the kids  after they got settled in the car and I had double checked if they were belted.
"Yes. Very, very hungry!" chorused the 4-bouncy 11-year-old boys in their charming halting English.

"We're home. Come in."
"Oh. You have a nice home."
"Thank you."

Hubby finished pan-frying the hamburgers that I started before picking up the boys, while I "introduced" the parts of the house to the kids. I can't say if they were instructed to do so, but they expressed delight at every room and amenities in each room.  Oh, how they marveled at the ice and water coming out of the refrigerator door!

As I was assembling the burgers, they sneaked into their respective rooms then came back with their gifts from home.  (That's for another posting).

While at the table, they all asked for milk. Great!  One excused himself for not eating his tomato slices. Then three of them  agreed to have a second serving of the hamburgers and again asked for a third  of the extra that the fourth one didn't eat because of a recently pulled tooth!!
 Wow, they sure were hungry!!!

 It was time for me to get up anyway so I didn't mind being awakened by footsteps and  the closing and opening of their doors.  When asked how their night was, I was surprised to learn that they didn't go to sleep at all reasoning that they have time to sleep in the bus!  AAHHH... 11-year-olds!!!

While I was preparing  breakfast, they hovered around as I poured the pancake batter into the pan.
"What is that?"
"Yes, Sort of."
"I like pancake. We like pancake."

Then they sat around the dining table and finished their breakfast.

Oh, before I forget... they serenaded me with a Chinese and an American love song while I  finished the pancakes.

As I drove home after dropping them off for their day in Disneyland, I couldn't help but wonder:  What experiences and surprises will they share with hubby and me to night?

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