Thursday, July 25, 2013

Homestay Parenting Experiences - Like A Box of Chocolate

We picked up our latest four boys Sunday afternoon.  We look forward to this change.  We always anticipate what the chocolate is filled with.  Remember Forrest Gump?
“What are your American names?”
Unlike our color guys, this group reminds me of a Mission Impossible actor’s’daughter, at least it sounds like it,  an actress’ s former bodyguard/husband, a Beatles member, and a naughty prince. I will remember their names in no time, no time at all!  Great!
Will they still like hamburgers?  Didn’t they say they’ve been to New York?  Aahh, but that is what hubby and I have already planned on serving them for their first dinner in California, so we started assembling our mise en place for the burgers: onion rings, tomatoes fresh from our tiny garden, lettuce simply torn, mayomustketch blend, and cheese.   Oh, and chips plus soda, for to me,  an American burger is not American without that glass of  bubbly cola on ice!  And a  bowl of cut-up watermelon.
“Dinner is ready.”  I announced, as I passed by their rooms.
“Oh, I like this. I like this very much,” says Guy, who finished his two even before the others had started with their 2nd.
“Me, too,” echoed Yuri.
Paul looked at Yuri for help.
“He said he likes it too.”  
“I like it but I think I will go back to sleep,” says Harry who was roused from his nap to have dinner.
“That’s fine.  I will keep your burgers till you wake up,” I assured him.
At the dinner table, they talked about their families and their dreams or ambitions, and their trip to the East Coast.  Each revealed interesting answers.
I can already see/observe many differences between this group and the others that we have hosted.  For one, they talk in whispers, … also, they walk on tiptoes and they ask permission for almost everything, even taking the shower. This is just my observation, but I think that the lesser a place in China is mentioned on google, the more conventional or traditional in their ways the children from that place are. ( I hope somebody agrees or disagrees with me on this.)  And, best of all, this is the very first group that I didn’t have to wake up in the morning.  They beat me to it every morning!

Day 2-
“Good morning.” The prince greeted me, smiling.
“Good morning, you are early. May I hug you?”
 “No….. what does it mean?” prince said backing away from me.
“You know, hug (while I make the bear hug form) like this.”
“Oh, yes. You may.”
Then he started examining the kitchen with his eyes.
“What are you doing?”
“I want a house like this for my family.”
I thought to myself:  poor baby, he still hasn’t seen some of where his friends are housed.  Where he is in right now is just a guest house, lol.
“Well, thank you.” I answered amazed at how a 12-year old can think so and dream so for his family! Later at dinner, Yuri told hubby and me that in China only the very very rich can own individual homes like we do here in America.
Another thing that this group is so unlike the other is how they use their cameras:  the others that came before them clicked at everything – where they are, what they eat, where they sleep, what they visited; whereas,  current  group hardly take out their cameras.  I still have to see them take a picture of anything!

I wonder what the new box of chocolate will hold.  Hmmmmnnnnnn…..

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