Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Homestay Parenting Experiences - "mission accomplished"

Hubby and I were contemplating on what to serve our “adoptees” for dinner when suddenly my thoughts raced back to that day when one of our  friends paid us a surprise visit.  It was close to dinner time so to impress her, I showed her a menu and boasted:  “I’ll prepare this for you in no time!”

Crunchy Salad Delight    Poppyseed Dressing
(thinly sliced Brussels sprout, julienned broccoli stems,
chopped broccoli florets, kale and chicory, shredded radicchio
toasted pine nuts, dried cranberries)
Perfectly Roasted Chicken
(chicken rubbed with special spice combination,
minced garlic, lemon, crushed rosemary and coarsely ground pepper)
Rice a la Chine
Watermelon Shimmers
(watermelon cubes drenched in minted and vanillaed simple syrup)
Lemon  Cake a la mode
Sparkling Quenchers

“This is our menu for dinner.  And I can serve this in half an hour or even less.”
Our friend thought I was kidding.
“I don’t believe you! This looks very Frenchie to me.  You’re just putting me on. How can you do all those  in an hour?  Come on!”
“Let me show you. Let’s go to the supermarket to get everything we need.” I said winking at hubby.
“Okay!  Julienne, what name is that?  And chicory, how does that look like! And, for heaven’s sake what is this minced garlic?”
“You’ll see!”
So we went to the market a block away from our place.  I glanced at the lemon cake by the door.  I am always a sucker for lemon cakes so dropped one into the cart.  We went to the fresh produce section.  Took  a bag of cut up veggies.  Wow, the packaging is nice! Everything looked fresh, no brown edges,  not watery. Satisfied. Saw my friend shaking her head. We moved on.  I grabbed a medium sized watermelon on our way  to the deli section.  Across the deli section was a glass covered shelf filled with hot, juicy rottiserie chicken in plastic containers. I took one.  I remember hubby bought several pounds of cherries on sale a day before, so, we’re all set.
“That’s all?”
“Yes. This is all!”
As soon as we got home, I washed my hands and put on an apron. I placed water and sugar in a pot to boil.  Pre-heated the oven to warming temp. Took the roasted chicken from its container, cut it up in serving pieces, placed the pieces in a baking casserole and  in the oven it went.  Just then, I was ready to finish the syrup.  Placed a drop of vanilla and teaspoon of minced ginger.  Dropped some mint leaves and took it out from the stove to cool.
Then I opened the bag of veggies and the packet of nuts and berries and dumped everything in a bowl, opened the dressing packet and poured it over the veggies, tossed everything together, covered the bowl with plastic wrap and set it aside in the fridge.
Meanwhile, hubby was ready with the watermelon to which I poured the cooled simple syrup mixture on.  And our friend helped with setting the table.
Remembered to heat the rice I  fried in sesame oil and Thai curry paste and put it in the micro.  Took drinks from the garage.  And voila!  Dinner is served!!!

And that was my inspiration for dinner last night.  After we’ve finished washing the dishes,   I smiled at hubby and told him:
“mission accomplie!”

BTW, my friend saved her cake for later.

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