Thursday, July 11, 2013

Homestay Parenting Experiences - Got Lost in Translation

Afraid I might lose my parking space when I pick up the kids, I told the air-con man to please hurry with whatever he is doing.  Motioned to him that hubby and I need to be out of the house in 5 minutes.
“Yes, I will.  I don’t want to mess up with a princess!”
As we entered the parking lot, a van was easing out of its spot. How lucky can one get specially on a very hot summer day!
Before I could get off the car, I saw one of our boys sitting where we parents usually sit while waiting for their dismissal.  Luck again, we don’t have to wait much longer this time.  Then I noticed the teacher.  Oh gee, they are still in class!  But it didn’t take too long before Green came rushing to me and declared excitedly:
“I want to get a snake!”
“Yes, a snake. To eat!”
When I asked again, he put his two palms together, as in prayer, and did a gliding motion with them.  I was convinced he really wants to try a snake!  Maybe they talked about exotic food in class, I thought to myself as my brain processes the idea of eating a snake!.  
“OK, get in the car and I’ll take you to a supermarket where they might carry exotic food like a snake.  You can even talk to the cashiers in Chinese.”
I thought I sensed excitement in the four boys as I cruised thru fwys 71  and 60.  When we got home to retrieve my wallet (and yes, I drove without a license!  Oh, my!) I can’t help thinking,  how do I cook a snake!
We reached the supermarket. It was Gray, who is now Toni, who asked the cashier. Cashier told them the aisle number.  I led them to where the frozen food were.
And so we went to the aisle were cartons and cartons of snack items were piled.
It was not snake!  It was SNACK they want!
Then we continued with our journey to another market.  This time to get some items they want to bring home to China!
BTW,  when Green did the slithering motion, he was actually telling me, “Oh no, not a snake!” but my stubborn brain wouldn’t listen!!!

How do you translate that?

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