Thursday, July 09, 2009

What child didn't .....

What child didn't dream of owning a convertible car someday?
Our second son had his car totalled through no fault of his. He has to have a new car soon or else I'd be picking him up every morning (he threatened). Not wanting to pay more than the amount he received from the insurance company, he started looking for a used one.
One afternoon, Jacob came rushing to me and asked: "Grannie, do you know what a convertible is?" I knew he was up to something so I said "No". Pulling my hand he took me outside the house and excitedly pointed to a car:
"Look, Grannie, that is a convertible. And it is daddy's car. It is a cool car because it has no roof! Isn't it, Josh?" turning to his younger brother who was busy licking his lollipop .


Heart of Rachel said...

That's a sleek car. The boys look so cool.

dOnB316 said...

Wow. Always dreamed of getting a convertible. Nice one patrick!