Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's Dream Time

It was during the early seventies, the song Ben was hitting my country's airwaves almost non-stop, when one of my hubby's uncles arrived from his tour of a commercial ship's captainship. It was also the year we had our first born. Everybody from both sides of my family was excited for the two arrivals. Excitement for our first son was understandable, especially on hubby's side since he would be their first grandson, and everybody had been waiting for his coming for almost four years already. But now, the excitement for my son was somewhat fading and overshadowed by his uncle's arrival.
I noticed hubby's excitement, especially. I found out why he was always smiling and so light footed only when Uncle finally arrived. At the height of our bienvenida celebration, his grandma called him aside and handed him a box. He slowly opened the box, almost afraid to see what was inside. When he finally did see it he approached me, hugged me so tightly I almost choked, kissed me and told me: "Finally, finally!" He hugged his grandma, who had been smiling lovingly at everything, and thanked her profusely. Finally I knew why he was so excited. In the box was a sparkling brand new Oyster Rolex watch, one he had been dreaming to own! Later, I found out that Grandma secretly told Uncle that if and when he got to Japan to please get one for my husband, even pre-paying him, as her belated wedding gift, in addition to what she had already given us on our wedding day. Although hubby's wrist had outgrown his beloved watch several sizes over, it is still with us.
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