Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Goodbye and Rest in Peace

I think I know now why Michael Jackson is loved world wide.
While I can hum the melodies of some of his songs I never took the time to listen and understand the lyrics until this last week. I buried myself in his music videos. I went to lyric sites and got mesmerized with the message in each song. I hugged all TV news about him. I became an MJ addict from the time his death was announced. And every time I see and hear him, the more awed I become of his talent, creativity, gentleness and love for his family and fellowmen.

Now you can sing and play with the angels, Michael.

(Photos: Yahoo and google images)

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julie said...

I was one of the millions who watched (and stayed up till 4am) and the tears just came naturally.

Hugs Tita P! I miss you, hope all is well