Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Back to normal

As my husband and I were cruising down our community road one morning to take our children to school, we heard a loud thud on the passenger side of our car. My first reaction, and I am sure like any mother's, was to check on our kids. Were they OK? Did they bump their head on anything? Is there any part of their body that hurt? Since everything was okay, and because the kids didn't want to get detention hours after school, I got off the car while hubby continued to drop the kids off since the school was just some few yards away. When I alighted from the car, I saw a shallow dent on the side. Even with ours and the other drivers insurance we still had to put out some amount which was more than the repair would cost. We decided to go to a nearby auto body shop, but to our dismay, what and how the repair on our car was much much below the quality we expected.
How I wish auto body shop irvine, with its network of repair shops manned by collision experts were there at the time. We could have gotten the service we wanted like those many satisfied customers who had given their satisfactory ratings for the body shop network.

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