Saturday, April 21, 2007


Friday is SDD (Senior Ditch Day). I am not supposed to know it but they "inform" me anyway, even when I tell them that deductions will be given for those who will D the D (Ditch the Day). During such "events", those who decide to earn rather then lose points can use anything from the refrigerator or each student can bring ingredients according to what his group decides on. Oh, you should see their faces whenever they are afforded such freedom. They may even finish assignments from their academic classes, which some decided to do.

Judith is a senior and needed to submit a portfolio of her accomplishments by the last period of the day. I was casually talking to some students about my blogging (they said I should also try MySpace too) and how I highlight some of my teaching moments in my posts when she stood up holding her folder and told me she's willing to give me a moment. It is amazing to see how resilient Judith is: she just lost a box full of chocolate she's selling so she could save for her trip to Paris this summer as part of a program in her French language class.

Oscar, on the other hand, would rather cook the whole semester! He doesn't like reading or writing in my class because according to him he already does a lot of those in his other classes, but he is a wizard when it comes to inspiring his group members to work and produce! He also has an amazing knack for combining/mixing herbs and spices that will make Emeril sit! He moves so gracefully around his kitchen even while hopping in crutches (he hurt his right foot while practicing for a football game). Did I say he doesn't like the first two R's? But he can easily repeat everything I show and tell the class!

Roxanne (left) is the silent one. She prefers doing the paperwork and the cleaning up. She'd rather be manning the back of the stage.

Sandra, (of the "The Food Poem" fame), on the other hand, is the thinker of the group. She's the one who remembers to get a cookbook for ideas, informs me of what the group has come up with and decides on how to plate a certain dish. If there was a report to hand in, she'll surely be the one to draw up the outline!

They are just one of the reasons why I am still teaching.


Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing about your students. It's nice to learn something interesting about each of them. I wish them all the best. Take care!

Yvonne Russell said...

Hi Princess
Cool photos.

As a teacher and blogger, I thought you may be interested in the post I just did on a 13 year old blogger... quite an amazing kid.

All the best