Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Chelo, one of my goddaughters, is a New Nurse. She'll be graduating this Friday and Ed and I are as excited as her parents, Larry and Fina, to see her march on the stage of Cerritos College.
I saw Chelo bloomed from a smart 8-year old child to an intelligent, charming and kind-hearted young woman. And now, she has her beloved Ryan (a very lucky man, indeed!)
Chelo will be a great, loving, caring nurse. That is for certain.
One of the blogs I read is of Luiza's of Beyond Normal. She's also graduating in Nursing. I asked her permission to post the following. Thanks, Luiza.

If you can bring a special understanding. To all of those entrusted to your care. And meet their needs, no matter how demanding With patience and energy to spare. If you can lend each task your full devotion, & always try to listen and to cheer. If you can learn to understand emotion, & comfort others just by being near. If you look forward with anticipation to meeting special challenges each day. If you keep your faith and dedication whenever disappointment comes your way. If you take pride in giving your profession the finest skills and talents you possess, then all your dreams and goals will find expression. And, as a nurse, you’ll be a great success. Author unknown


Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations to Chelo! Wishing her all the best. Good luck also to Luiza on her studies.

My best friend in college also graduated in Nursing (her second course) a few weeks ago and so did Monet. Celebration is indeed in the air. :)

luiza said...

congratulations to chelo... bright future ahead.. hey, not yet graduating.. I'll be having my capping ceremony.. to graduate and to be capped are different evens... =) but both are important in a nurse's life...

sexy mom said...

congratulations to your dear Chelo, and to our dear friend Luiza--good luck!!!