Friday, April 20, 2007

I dreamed of Rachel

My night was so "dreamful" and it was of Rachel (the Heart of Rachel, you know! [wink]). I would think that at the back of my mind I was so full of angst not being able to do my part after being nominated to The Thinking Blogger Awards that my sleeping thoughts were so full of the guilt! There were so many fleeting images I can't seem to put together in one big frame. All I know is that Rachel was there, smiling, and at one "frame" she was holding Yohan and both were waving at me. I wish I know how to interpret dreams! I don't mind dreaming of them again but I am sure that is a BIG sign that I have to finish my assignment today! TGIF!!! Right now, I am waiting for my students. After this working day, I will hit my keys until everyone who is on my list gets my message.

1 comment:

Heart of Rachel said...

Oh my, hope you weren't pressured in any way.

Dreams can really be quite intriguing at times. :)