Sunday, April 08, 2007


I suddenly felt the urge to look at one of my old (really old) albums. I still remember. We were roommates at Kamia Residence Hall: Baby Songlinco, Cora De Jesus (now Veneracion), and me. Without getting into any sort of pact we became the tightest of friends- even when we don't see each other. I've been out of the country for almost three decades and we've seen each other for, say, only 7 or 8 times in between, but the bond never got any lesser. Somehow each one of us knows that we have each other no matter what. The lower photo was taken when I went back for a visit in 2001. We revisited our beloved dormitory and reminisced almost non-stop. Our girths may have become wider, weights heavier and wrinkles more, but the depth of our friendship stays the same.


Dave Richards said...

This is such a special bonding. You really made me feel so nostalgic!!Do stop by my Friendship Blog sometime and drop in a line!!

Heart of Rachel said...

True friendship knows no boundaries and disregards the passage of time. Thanks for sharing.

Hope you had a lovely Easter celebration. Take care!

sexy mom said...

that is how it is with friends, miles do not matter!

sexy mom said...

and i read you are a grandma too! i have 2 girls, 2 and 4 another 1 coming in sept!

julie said... sweet. Friendship truly knows no boundaries. True friendship is hard to come by. :)