Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Mom

I never knew you, Inay.  You were taken from me  before I knew how to remember.  But thanks to all the women who filled your place in my life: Ate Baby, my cousins, my aunties,  your cousins and even your friends, for they nourished me with their beautiful, sweet, endearing memories of you.

When that time comes that we will meet again, I will fill you with stories and more stories about your great- grandchildren Jacob, Joshua, Mathew and Daniel, and another one on the way he/she has no name yet.  Oh, they are a handful but so lovable!  I will tell you so many things about your grandsons Lester, Patrick and Jet, how they grew up to be fine young men and husbands.  You will be very proud of them.  (on this I know you will congratulate me, lol......), and your granddaughters-in-law who keep the boys grounded.  And of course, your son-in-law, Edgar, who, after all these years never gave up on me even if I could be the most stubborn, hard-headed wife on earth!  (I didn't get that gene from you, did I?)

Oh, Inay, I won't let you sleep. We will talk no end. We will be catching up on those times that I miss your voice, your smile, your touch, your love.

But for now, rest, Inay, until we meet again!

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Tina Medrana said...

A very nice tribute. Always remember that you are surrounded by beautiful men and women who endear you so much. Happy Mother's Day!