Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Surprised, Totally Surprised

Sunday, June 22, was our 40th wedding anniversary. The night before, at J.P.'s and Jackie's wedding reception, I sort of joked if any of my kids planned something for us. They convinced me that they didn't know or remember anything about the date. Lester even said it loudly that we just wait for the 50th. I tried very hard to convince myself that maybe they just wanted to surprise us. Sunday morning came and still no invitation or announcement. Then Hazel, Kirby's special girl, invited us to a late lunch. At first, I said not sure, still hoping that one of our kids would call us to ask us out. When noon time came and still no call, we decided to go with the couple. It was almost 4:30 when we finally reached the Chinese restaurant that we often go to. Upon entering, I was wondering why we were being led to the hall where big parties are often held. I thought: "Maybe it is her mom's or dad's, or one of her brother's birthday and that she didn't want me to bring any gift anymore." Also, I was trying to figure out how much I would eat because Patrick and Mylynn had invited us to join them at a late dinner, too. My thoughts were still on how our kids could have forgotten our special day when every year we celebrate it (except this year because of the June 21st wedding), when I heard "Surprise, surprise!"
Then I saw familiar faces, all smiling at us. Some were even laughing. I was in a daze. I had to hold on to a pillar because I felt like I was falling.
That was a total surprise!!!
The only thing I didn't like about it is I didn't bring my camera so now I have to wait for those who brought theirs to send me the pictures.
Then yesterday, there was a package for me when I got home from work. It was from Dindo, my eldest sister's youngest son. He sent me a laptop (which he ordered from HP in Colorado) for a gift because he remembered that last year I was hinting to hubby how I'd love to have my own. And, luck of all luck, Lester was around so he set it up for me right away!
Will I be able to handle another surprise?

Who ever said "When it rains it pours"? It sure poured on my parade and I loved it!


Anonymous said...

ninang! happy anniv! i'm sooper sooper inggit sa laptop. na-comment ko nga kay kirby, i should've sent some $$$ para mabilhan nya rin ako kse it's way cheaper to buy one there than to buy one here... tapos he said mga $500 raw... sabi ko, hahaha, baka patayin ako ni hubby... he said with that laptop, dito daw mga 100K pesoses na yun... sorry di nakakabisita, nasira si pc... eniwei, gawa na ulet, so makakbisita na more often...

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary! It's another wonderful milestone worth celebrating. May you have many more happy and quality years ahead.

That's such a sweet surprise. Looking forward to seeing some photos.

Wow, that's a generous gift. Enjoy your new toy.

Princess said...

Hi, Chona and Rachel
Thanks for your greetings.
Love my surprises too!
Chona, hint some more (hahahah)

julie said...

Belated happy anniversary po :)

Have fun with your laptop.