Thursday, June 12, 2008

She's Here!!!

Right now I am excited because in about 3 hours my sister, Norma, will be landing in LAX. Hubby and Kirby and I will pick her from the airport.
It's been a year since we last saw each other and I am looking forward to this day ever since I learned that she's coming over. Unfortunately, she's only staying with us for a week before she flies to Maryland to see an uncle.
I have a misty recollection of how she and Tammi, her twin, came into this world. Tia was on a covered table and there was a large basin on the floor by the end of the table where her feet were almost dangling. I must have fallen asleep for so long because the next thing I could remember was that there were two babies in a "duyan", a Philippine hammock, (that had been especially made for two), that I enjoyed singing to until they were fast asleep. I must have inspired the phrase "broken record", I think.
Welcome back, Nor. Your suite is waiting for you, dust and all!


julie said...

I have just read rachel's post about bringing her MIL to the airport so I headed here to read your blog and of course, you are welcoming Tita Nor (parang magkakilala kami, haha)

Hope you have great times :)

Sexy Mom said...

you must really be looking forward to meeting your sis--am sure you will both have a lot of fun, including reminiscing memories of the past. me--i do not have a sister, i am an only daughter, so i content myself with best friends.

Heart of Rachel said...

Have a wonderful time with Mom Norma.