Monday, June 02, 2008

Congratulations, Oscar!

If I could convince a student that he/she can do a thing and motivate him/her to do that thing, then I've accomplished something. Today, I just feel that way.
Oscar had always shown his love for food from the first time I saw him as he helped his older brother finish a class catering project. He had that positive attitude that convinced me to convince him to compete. I was able to accomplish that. My next challenge was how can I motivate this young man to work so he could win. With the help of Chef William O'Neill, I must have accomplished that, too, because this morning, at the C-CAP Breakfast and Awards Ceremony at The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, Oscar was awarded a Certificate of Scholarship for 26,000 dollars to study at The Restaurant at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia. Which means, now he can pursue his dream of opening up his own restaurant. By the way, with the scholarship is also a chance to train in France, or England, for a week.
The Restaurant at Walnut Hill also happens to be the home of the U.S. Culinary Olympic Team, which means he'll be training and working with only the best in the culinary field.


I better start looking for another Oscar.


Chris said...

Wow! What an honor as well as a story...thanks for sharing and congrats Oscar!

KK aka Tina said...

Congratulations Ate Princess! I'm sure that someone will be inviting you to a great restaurant in the future.

Princess said...

Thanks, Chris and Tina,
Oscar's winning still gives me a thrill and I hope to see his own restaurant soon!

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm back. My parents went back to the States a few days ago. I miss them very much. On Thursday Mama Norma is also set to leave for the States.

Yohan's summer classes is officially over. He will be back to school on Tuesday.

Congratulations to Oscar! May he reach greater heights.