Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sleep in Luxury

Sleeping soundly is a luxury for me. I don't fall asleep as fast as my partner does and yet I wake up earlier than he does, much much earlier that I have to be undisturbed for a certain number of hours. If I get awakened prematurely it would be very hard for me to catch my sleep again. One thing that awakes me, without fail, is when hubby turns around because he is much heavier than I am so the tendency is for me to roll towards his side of the bed. While I have gotten used to the "routine" I still wish I could just be left alone and at peace on my side of the bed (chuckle).
As a morning person, I need to be sharp and at my elements when I wake up. Due to the nature of my job, it will be so embarrassing if one of those kids catches me napping in the middle of my demonstration. I know that's quite an exaggeration, but still a not so remote possibility.
My image of a heavenly slumber is having it on a luxury mattress that makes me feel like I am floating on clouds because I can't feel the strong coils of metal underneath the velvety sateen covered mattress. The support is so perfect that I am oblivious of whoever turns and twirls beside me. And to add satisfaction to comfort and quality it also must be an affordable luxury mattress .
Still wondering what I am talking about? I invite you to click here. Sweet dreams!

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