Thursday, October 25, 2007

Once Upon A Time - III

Once upon a time last summer I was in high school again with Baby, Paskie, Victor, Kinnie, Odie, Dolly, Caying, Bong, and Silvio.
We all met at Silvio's place where we had a sumptuous lunch prepared by his wife, Enggies. Then we proceeded to the new high school site to see the new walkway that members of our graduating class helped build.
=================The way we were
===========The old high school building - a former farm shop for college students.
========= The new University of the Philippines Rural High School building in Bay, Laguna. Under the walkway that our class donated. Do you see the yellow bell plant with red flowers? That was propagated in the UP College Agriculture. While waiting for or walking to their rides, the covered walkway will help students from the rain or too much sun.
===========The teachers that helped us shape our future.


julie said...

So wonderful to have those earlier photos with you. It must have been heart-warming to remember about the times past which were simpler but nonetheless fun.

I would have loved to live in those earlier times. Seriously.

Have a great weekend, Tita Pincess. :)

Princess said...

You're so right, Julie. I wouldn't trade those years for anything. I guess the saying "simplicity is beauty" still holds true.
Have a great weekend, too.

Heart of Rachel said...

It must have been great to see old friends again and reminisce about the old days that you shared. I love the photos of then and now.