Friday, October 26, 2007

Do as I do

One requirement in my basic foods class is for each student to cook at home a dish similar, if not the same, with what they had just done in class and submit a report (written or oral) about it. Oscar, ( yes, there are several Oscars in my classes) for this week, topped it all for not only preparing a recipe (recorded in pictures that his mom took) but engaging his 6-year-old cousin to do the recipe with him, as well.
Another moment that convinces me to stay on teaching!!!
NOTE: His set of pictures show the steps from measuring the ingredients to cleaning up.


Nancze said...

Hi Princess, enjoyed all the posts and I think Oscar did a great job too! Does make teaching worthwhile when a student does so well. Enjoyed the photos of your classmates and school. My high school had changed a bit after 30+ years, but still so much the same. I hope you are doing well. Thinking of you. Love and ~hugs~

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Tita Prency. I'm finally back on-line. My Internet connection was resurrected from the dead yesterday. Pardon my choice of words, probably due to those black and orange things I've been seeing everywhere. Ha ha! Happy Halloween! :)

Congratulations to Oscar for doing great in your class. It's wonderful that you let your students use their creativity by combining what they have learned in class and coming with something of their own. Carlos did really well and it's nice how he has shared his knowledge with his younger cousin.

Bravo to you for being such an effective teacher.