Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Colors along the Sideways

One prominent change I saw in my homeland is the abundance of colors along the highways. In my youth, the only colors I can remember whenever I traveled were green, gray and brown. Some pastels, maybe. But now - WOW! Oranges, electric blues, lemon yellows, blood reds, emerald greens and more. Six years ago, when I saw a house painted in bright primary colors among the neutral ones, I thought - NO WAY! But last summer, when houses in candy colors are clustered, they actually looked nice - bright and happy! Filipinos have gone around the globe and from their trips they bring back new colors and shapes that help create a pleasant landscape.

These are the sights that caught my eyes: three ladies in their rainbow-colored attire enjoying a morning chat by the sidewalk; purple shallots and white garlic complemented by the color of the market walls; patterns formed by the arrangement of cut woodbranches; a horse-drawn carriage (calesa) competing with tricycles and cars; a richly colored tricycle any Ferrari would envy; the rust-orange roof of a house sunk by lahar from the Mt. Pinatubo eruption; and of course - houses in their delicious and glorious colors!!!

Even the clothelines changed!!!

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