Monday, July 18, 2011

Where have all.........

"Where have all the flowers gone......."

This opening line from  a  'Peter, Paul & Mary' song will always remind me of my date with my blog today.
I wanted to re-connect so I clicked on a name on my list.  Relieved, happy, cuz Antuken's last post made me angry and laughing at the same time. Then I went to About 70+ and I could picture a friend to the last mole as she was writing the post.
Then I visited my friend from OKIE and her last post was dated 2008!  I felt lost.   I could not "find" her even after trying all the links on her site.  I suddenly miss our exchanges of comments, even laughters, you know, those LOLs.
I tried another blogger friend who, inspite of her suffering from bipolar disorder, manages to inspire many other bloggers, including me. Her last post was also in 2008.  Has it really been that long ago?
I was afraid to click on another name!
Suddenly, a sense of guilt engulfed me!
How could I let it happen?  Now I will never know where all those flowers have gone!

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