Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Piano

Playing the piano is every girl's dream.  At least that was how I felt when I was a little girl. Almost all my cousins and two of my sisters were taking piano lessons so why couldn't I?  An aunt took it upon herself to enroll me and I was ecstatic.  My cousin and I would wake up early every Saturday morning so we wouldn't  miss the train that would take us some 20+ miles into the city.  From the station we would walk the rest of the journey to our  piano teacher's (who we called Profesora) house.  She was an interesting piano teacher.  Every time I watch Harry's Law, Kathie Bates  reminds me so much of her.  I was amazed at how she could sing the solfeggio note for note.  How did she know that every note sounded so? Even the sharps and the flats?  Even more amazing to me was the way she ran her nimble fingers through the keyboard making me wonder if I could ever reach that level.  Well, I never but I enjoyed every moment of my lessons with her.
Every trip to her was an adventure for me and my cousin.  Each Saturday we would take a different route until we remembered where the dentist's house was, the pharmacist's, even the hairdresser's. We even discovered a beautiful church and were told it was a Cathedral!  More thrilling was when we would go our separate ways to see who would reach the Profesora's' house first!  We were very daring then. We didn't care if we were alone on the street after all, we didn't know anything about pedophiles or child molesters. All we cared for was to enjoy our independence!
Last week my husband and I brought home our very first piano.   I've been looking for one that I could afford and I was lucky to see one advertised in a local penny saver magazine.  It also showed that it had been well taken cared of.  Could it be because  the previous owners were teachers, too?


Mimi Lenox said...

It looks very much like my piano. Is it a Kohler and Campbell? Lovely and well maintained.
I hope you enjoy it!

Princess said...

Funny that you asked, Mimi, cuz I learned my piano basics on a Kohler! This one is a Wurlitzer.
Well, it inspires my grandson (9) to practice his lessons more lol.....