Friday, September 21, 2007

Yvonne's Writers Cafe

Yvonne of Grow Your Writing Business opened up a Writers Cafe where bloggers can meet and chat (you can talk about anything under the sun) with other bloggers and writers while enjoying her offerings of goodies. Request for anything that you desire for a relaxing weekend and she'll be glad to have it ready for you. You can even pick some on your way out. Last week I had muffins and coffee and, oh my, I tell you, you'll be praying for the next weekend to come sooner than the following day, not only for the sweet delights but for the exchange of ideas from other intelligent bloggers like her! Hmmm, wait a minute. Is that something with cinnamon-cardamom combination teasingly wafting in the air? I wonder what she's serving now. Come on, join the fun at Yvonne's weekend writers Cafe. And better hurry before it's too late. Those trays of goodies won't last!!! Have a great weekend, everyone.


Suzanne Wells - The eBay Coach said...

Hi, Princess, nice to meet you. I also enjoy the Writer's Cafe and have met some amazing ladies there! See you next Friday - I'll save you a seat and order a mocha latte for you!

Yvonne Russell said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word about the Weekend Writers Cafe. It's certainly buzzing with lots of ideas, or just somewhere to relax at the end of the week.

I think those beautiful cooking aromas are coming from your kitchen. There's always something good cooking here. :)

Princess said...

Thanks a lot, Suzanne, for the seat and the latte. Now I can sleep tight without having to worry that I might stand on the aisle!

You are welcome, Yvonne. Care for some mini meat pies (empanadas) next week-end?

Yvonne Russell said...

Oooh... yes.. I look forward to them.