Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sweet Little Angels

These little angels made our vacation young and memorable!!! Meet them: Meet Marcus, (4) my cousin Fe's first grandchild. His Batangas accent will put any Southerner smiling. He is a very smart, caring little boy. He never wanted me to leave his sight all the time we were in Villa Escudero and cried when I didn't ride with them on the way home. He's quite a story-teller, too, especially about his toys that his Mommy GemGem sends him.
Sofia, (8 mos.) at her Papu's arms is the youngest angel of all. She just woke up in this picture but still "gracious" to pose with grandma Tammi.
Meet, TamTam - (7) Ate Baby's first and only granddaughter. She created a welcome gift for us and shyly gave me another go-away gift so we will always remember her and Gabe.
Jaz, (7) right, with his brother Ken, is the techie of them all. He can work on his gameboy, ipod, etc. and still talk to me at the same time. If Tam has a problem with a game, he's always ready to guide her through. On our first night, he made sure we didn't forget that we could spend the night with him, his Kuya and his mom and dad. BTW, he even gave me some tips on how to go-cart race.
Tisha, (7), Tammi's first granchild, is quite a songbird. How she belts those high notes without breathing still amazes me whenever I think about her. How I wish I had more time to bond with her.
This is Gabe, (8) nickname for Gabriel. He never missed greeting me each morning with a big smile that emphasized his two dimples on each cheek. Yeah, I counted them and he has four! He loves collecting matchbox cars and duplicating each model with his Lego cubes. He is also Tam's "guardian". When Tam talks loud, he would remind her to keep quiet or when she would sit with her legs apart, he would coach her to sit properly like a girl should. If Tam wanted to play with him and it was his study time, he would tell her to go home and study more.
DeeDee, Keats and Ves' little darling, is the big sister to them all. The little ones look up to her for solutions to their own tiny problems.
And of course, Yohan, Rachel's own little angel. He is everything the way Rachel describes him - loving, active, smart, sweet.
Absent from the pictorial is Sam. (I'm still looking for his pic). He promised to write me so I won't forget that he likes matchbox racing cars for Christmas.
These little angels kept me young because they saw to it that I played with them, read with or to them, danced and sang when they did and still "eagerly" coached me if I was not doing anything right. And they all echoed each other's wish that we can stay even longer!!!
This is Tam's welcome bookmarker for us.Still going to take a pic of your going-away present, Tam.


Julie said...

Tita Prency, hello! I have been reading your entries about your visit last month and I can see that you had unforgettable and wonderful memories. I was smiling as I read your entries.

Take care and have a great week! :)

Princess said...

Yes, Julie. Spending 6 weeks in RP is truly refreshing. Now it is reality once again. Thank you for dropping by. More entries about my vacation are coming. Hope you won't get tired reading them.
Tita P

Heart of Rachel said...

This is such a sweet post. Thank you for the kind words about my son, Yohan. It's music to my ears.

Princess said...

Rachel, I know those adjectives are not enough to describe Yohan and how I enjoyed being with and seeing him. If only I have the gift of knowing how to use words the way I would have wanted to.