Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rest in Peace, Dory

I received the news from our friend, Gloria. Apparently, our friend Dory attended mass last Sunday morning, passed by a market for some tomatoes and was walking to her house. Very typical of her. Everytime Gloria offered her a ride home, she would refuse. She always preferred to walk under the blistering sun even when her place is about three miles away from Glo's. The only time she would accept such an offer was when it was too late at night or if it was raining very hard for her umbrella. I can picture her that Sunday morning. She was walking briskly in her finest Sunday dress, either with a beribboned hat, or an umbrella, a plastic bag with tomatoes in one hand and a purse wrapped around her shoulder, and her pair of sandals clickety clacking silently on the cement. And, I will be surprised if she was not fanning herself, yes, even with her hands full! If it was windy, her silvery hair would be dancing with the wind and her cheeks would be bloody red for it was rather sunny and warm that morning. And, mind you she still has those cherubic complexion that many wish they had. But, Gloria's call was of a different picture. Dory was in the hospital. She suffered a massive stroke on the left side of her brain. She passed out on the pavement and fortunately, someone saw her. They found a number on her to a brother in Florida, who called another brother who is in San Francisco, who eventually called Gloria. I visited her on Monday afternoon and yesterday at 6:30 in the evening, she decided to go. Gloria and I have so many beautiful moments with her. She will be very hard to forget. May you rest in peace with the angels, our friend!!!


Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sorry about the loss of your dear friend, Dory. I hope that she's very happy at the next life. God bless her.

Princess said...

thanks, rachel. yes, she's a very loving, simple, loyal person. she'll be missed terribkly.