Saturday, October 16, 2010


Yesterday, hubby and I invited our sons and their families to join us for a simple dinner at home. We thought, because of their never matching schedule, getting them all together would be short of a miracle. How happy we were to see our three sons all together! They all kne, that the dinner was to welcome Hazel so how they laughed when I told them that, since we can not afford to treat them individually anymore, from now on their birthdays will be celebrated, altogether, once a year only. It was so heartwarming to see my whole family laughing, joking, teasing one another and simply having fun.
When they were all gone, I noticed how our living room was transformed into a race track and a favorite center piece got converted into a jurrassic park. That was a sign that our grandkids had unconditional fun.......and that truly made our day!!!!

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