Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"I Do, I Do" said Kirby and Hazel

It was a lovely day. The weather was perfect for an afternoon wedding.
I was envisioning a typical wedding chapel....small room with portable chairs and a gazebo or small stage for the minister or judge. How pleasantly surprised we all were when we saw the small cabin-like structure. Is this it? Then we were in for more surprises. The "small cabin" is the famous The Little Church of the West (how literal can one be) which was built on my birth year, had been moved three times and now declared a historic landmark. It deserves the title perfectly! It is simply the perfect setting to tie the knot with someone you love: intimate, romantic, cozy and warm.
For some of the couple's pictures and the church's history as well, I invite you to click on the highlighted words.

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