Monday, September 20, 2010

Give It the Boost !!!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

"Oh no! Again? Didn't I just send a check?" I heard my son cursing (good his children were not around). Like any dutiful mom (chuckle), I asked him what the problem was. "Nothing, mom. Just these never ending phone bills!" he answered under his breath.
Maybe I should tell him about Boost Mobile, I told myself. With it he can decide the best plan suited for his own phoning style. I very well know that he uses his phone as if it is a part of his clothing that he has to wear everyday and without which he will feel so incomplete. He texts in and out, he listens and leaves messages through his voice-mail and still give calls almost without break, he even tweets. I know he feels naked without his FB opened and he has to send e-mails to, oh, so many people I would not care to know. On top of these, he still finds time to search the web for the latest news while he listens to his choice of music from his Blackberry. I learned and practice multi-tasking but not as multi as he does... I can only do two at a time!
He will be interested to know that any one can select the best plan he thinks will answer his needs and pre-pay for it. By doing so, he will not worry about any bill coming at the wrong time, well, at least according to one's financial schedule. By the way, I might still be able to convince my son to send me a gift - a Re-Boost for my phone. I peeked through his wallet and I know he has cards to pay for it (chuckle again). Or, maybe he will prefer automatic payment which is also acceptable.
Why not visit the site and open an account before my son beats you to it!!!
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