Monday, July 12, 2010

Through His Youthful Eyes

Our second son and his family always take advantage of their break from work to travel wherever they thought their two young sons will learn from. The last one they shot three birds with one stone, so to speak, by driving along the West Coast from California through Oregon to Washington to see the sights, visit a friend from high school, and re-connect with relatives on his dad's side.
When they reached Oregon, they decided to take the road closest to the ocean. My daughter-in-law called me just to tell me how their 4-year-old son was seeing and enjoying the view. When she asked him why he was so quiet, my grandson told her:
"Mommy, look! It is like a coloring book!"
pointing to the trees and flowers and ocean and everything around.
Isn't that the highest form of appreciation for the beauty of nature around us?

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