Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A couple friend took a vacation in the Motherland and brought back some pastries as pasalubong and childhood memories instantly come flashing back. These pictured items are usually served for merienda (snack or tea time)especially after arriving home from school. I remember very well that image of pieces of galletas, or pilipit, or broas on a saucer and a bottle of orange juice (usually artificially flavored) on the side waiting for me and my cousins every week day that there was school. My auntie saw to it that we had those first before we could rush to the tracks for our afternoon games with playmates.
Aaaahhhhh...... memories!!!

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chona said...

pilipit is one of ninang's (tita tammi) favorite too. naco, everytime we go through osmeƱa hi-way, lagi syang bibili sa mga naglalako doon. even tisha remembers that place na bilihan ng pilipit. hehe. parang nagutom ako bigla ninang.