Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Wise and the Wizened

This is a tale of two men, my dad and Tiger.
Dad was an elementary school principal who had declined several offers for the higher positions repeatedly. One of my sisters asked him, out of the blue one day, why he didn't want to accept the position like the one that one of his cumpares (cronies) was holding, adding we could have enjoyed more "perks" in life if he did. I can never forget Tatay's answer. "My daughters, I am only human who could easily be tempted by what those positions hold. Why will I take the risk of jeopardizing my daughters' names? You are so precious for me to tarnish our name that you will carry with you forever."
And Tiger? Well, you all know his story.

By the way, dad received two more promotions before he retired.


Heart of Rachel said...

I've heard many great stories about your dad. I admire his dedication, spirit and conviction in life.

chona said...

parang i don't know this story ninang. i'll ask the twins about this nga. hehe.