Wednesday, January 28, 2009

....still around ......

I thought it would be easy.
Before hubby was released from the hospital, the dietician/nutritionist gave me a list of food items that he can eat. Easy, or so I thought. I can combine anything within the list as long as I limit the amount and be creative in apportioning items. On the first week, I used all the colors in the rainbow to guide me - red and yellow and green peppers, mustard and broccoli, aubergine and carrots, beets and sweet potato, yellow and green squashes, zucchini - did I miss any color? And one other good thing is that I can serve hubby all the proteins in the hemisphere! (As long as I remove every speck of fat from each)!
On the second week, I almost ran out of ideas as to what herbs and spices I could combine. Because he eats almost without salt, the herbs and spices can camouflage its absence. I've also used all non-fat methods of cooking - steamed fish, roasted vegggies, baked no-fat pork chop (is there such a thing?), boiled eggs, pan fried etc., etc., etc.
Third week, a repeat of most from the first and second weeks.

So that hubby will not feel so bad about his food, I've also started eating what he eats, with extra sauce or condiments here and there. (I am starting to miss my potatoes and tomatoes)
Fourth week: HELP !!!

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Heart of Rachel said...

I think it's great that you support Tito Ed in his diet by eating the same dishes. Wishing him well. Take care.