Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Am Back .....

It had been a roller coaster year for me.
High and low, up-around-down-up-around-down, high and low! I feel like a baton being thrown up in the air not knowing if I would land on someone's hand safely or hit the ground broken. I even lost my inertia to write.
Then suddenly I awoke from my stupor and realized I have plenty to be thankful for.
The past year blessed us with a brand new healthy, handsome bouncing grandson, and our three others each celebrated their own birthdays reminding hubby and me that life goes on, no matter what. Our sons and their families are doing fine in their own unique ways. Norma, one of my sisters, visited and we had a great bonding time, Kirby, one of my nephews and in a sense has become our youngest son, saves us from being empty nesters. And there are our friends and relatives who make us feel loved, cared and thought of all the time.
Then there were the doctors who put their minds together so hubby could have the best treatment and the nurses who gave their all so that for a whole week, hubby and I would feel like we are in a hotel instead of a hospital room.
And of course, my blogging friends, who had been always in my thoughts.


chona said...

welcome back ninang! missed reading posts from you. hugs to everyone there!

Heart of Rachel said...

It's wonderful to have you back. Blessings, big and small, are worth celebrating.