Saturday, June 30, 2007

End of School Year Bonus


Grammie said...

What a beautiful, and I am sure well deserved, note!

That's a real keeper.

: )

Nancze said...

Hi Princess, I know you think I've forgotten you, but I haven't. We've had 17 straight days of tons of rain, Oklahoma is water logged to say the least and I have been rather depressed. Having to get off line so much because of storms and just tired of dark, dank and dreary days. My soul can only take so much. I have posted, but my heart isn't in it and then I rarely stay on long enough to get many visits in. But wanted you to know I've read many of your posts and glad you had a nice visit with friends and all. What a tribute this letter is. I know you are an awesome teacher. God Bless and ~hugs~

Heart of Rachel said...

It's a heartwarming letter of appreciation and gratitude. It's a wonderful reflection of how great you are as a teacher. Thanks for sharing it with us.

See you very soon ... :)