Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Happy Birthday, TATAY!!!

Tatay, happy birthday!

Tatay, I know you are up there in heaven,  How do I know?  I do because every time I have concerns and I look up in heaven to call your name I could hear your voice; I get thrills from your laughter, and I feel your touch as you kiss my forehead.  That's how I know.

Tatay, you will be happy to know that Ate Baby, Neil and his family, finally made it to visit us here in the States.  Now it is my turn to care for Ate Baby, even for only a little, as she goes about her daily life.  You will also be very proud of your grandsons.  They've been very caring and thoughtful with her. I've never seen Neil so concerned with his mom's well being and every time I see them together I can't help but smile with pride. Ken and Jaz are as concerned and thoughtful, too, especially when they make fun of their Lola (in a good way, Tatay,  uh-oh, I can see you frowning, lol)!

I've been enjoying and grateful for their short stay with us.  How I wish they could stay longer.  Ed and I still have so many things and memories to share with them!

Happy birthday again, Tatay, and sleep tight!

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