Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Meet Ron Kneale - The Piano Tuner

Grandson #1 was complaining about the keys on the piano.  "Grannie, these keys don't make any sound that is why I can not practice today."

"Just pretend they do.  Come on, practice your piece or else Ms. Jian will be disappointed."

So early Saturday morning I started looking for a piano tuner.  There was someone who lives just a few blocks from our place.  Great.  But to make sure, I googled his name.  Ah, he has a website and  customers can e-mail him.  So I did informing him of my problems with the piano.  I was surprised to get an answer the following morning, Sunday!
Early Monday I gave him a call.  His wife answered,  (he mentioned her on his website.) and placed me for an afternoon appt. for Thursday. Fine with me.  Then Late Monday, I received another call that he could accommodate me Tuesday morning instead. Even better.

In the course of our introduction/conversation he asked if I was from the Philippines.  I said "Yes, I am. How did you guess?"

He is a military son and his childhood is spent in several countries where there are American bases. They were in the Philippines when he was about 5 and 6 years old.  He talked about his vivid pleasant memories of my motherland!  He mentioned that he still can cook pancit, and that he loves lumpia.  He even remembers his calamansi lemonades.

Before he left, I gave him some calamansi fruit.

Thank you, Ron Kneale!!!

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