Saturday, January 01, 2011

My Favorite Things

If you are like me then you must have an item in your house that you just can not let go!
When hubby and I first arrived in America to stay, we had to learn fast so the little amount we brought with us would last until we found jobs. A cousin-in-law introduced us to weekend yard saleing in Beverly Hills where I found a mother-n-daughter frying pans (the name I coined myself). It has become an absolute favorite of mine.
Through the years, we received frying pans as gifts for our birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas. Glass or ceramic pans, non-stick pans, cast iron pans... but I would always go back to my stainless steel yard-sale pan. It never broke on me. None of its finish ever scraped off to give my food unwanted color. It taught me to be patient. I learned to wait until it reached its correct temperature before dropping or pouring any ingredient so none will stick to the bottom. And as long as I remember to soak, rinsing is always a whizzzz!!
If I had a golden friend, this pan of mine is the one!


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