Saturday, November 06, 2010


....November has 30 days of giving thanks. Each day post something you are thankful for as your status. They say, it gets harder as the month goes along. How long will you last? I bet I can think of at least 30 things. ;) Copy and paste to your status if you want to play.

Today, I am thankful that I started a blog so that I may re-visit what I had been, and still should be, thankful for.
This was my blog entry for my Thankful Thursday meme on 06-26-08.
... We are again blessed with a handsome little grandson. Sarah and Jet named their beautiful child, Daniel Josiah. The name sounds blessed to me, already. We've reached a BIG 40!!! I still can't believe we've lasted this long. Hubby and I are both grateful for the surprise (I am still thinking how I could have missed any clue) dinner party that our children organized. I am thankful that people who are special in our hearts came to celebrate with us. Although I will miss my students' antics, I am thankful that I have one more day to go before I hit the vacation trail again. I don't have to sleep early so I will wake up early. I don't even have to worry about what to wear for the 'morrow. I am thankful for my graduating students most of whom are the first in their families. May they set a successful trail for those who are to follow them. But most of all, I am grateful that our dear friend, Malu, had a 2nd successful kidney transplant last Monday at CSH. Her first was 14 years ago which gave her 9 good years. We hope and pray this one will be-friend her forever. I am thankful for the bloggers that make me think, cry, smile, touch, feel, grow........

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