Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another day....

Today is another day of coping. I am thinking of creating a blog just for this. If and when is still to be seen.
There is something happening with hubby. He is, little by little, becoming more aggressive (couldn't find a better word), maybe out of frustration for not being able to say and do what he mentally wanted to at the moment.
Our morning routine for the last two months is - he gets up to take his blood sugar test while I prepare his breakfast. We eat together then he prepares to go to the clinic for his dialysis (he still can drive himself to and from the clinic which is about 2 blocks away). I always ask him how he is and his routine answer is "I am OK" if only to assure me that I have nothing to worry about. Some days, he wouldn't even let me get up from bed.
Today was a little different than usual. After his testing, he sat down by the table. When told that the toasts are ready, with an irritated voice, he said "But they are not on the table yet!" WOW, that was a big FIRST. He had always been calm. After eating, I told him what happened and he had no recollection....
What I am starting to fear is what if I happenned to sleep soundly and missed his cues?

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