Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Relishing the Moment

My sister Norma is here for a visit and I am relishing every moment that we are together. She is tiny compared to me, but her stamina is much much heftier than mine! A day after she arrived, I came home to find my kitchen organized and shimmering, in every sense of the word! But the one thing that hubby and I will miss most is her cooking. I can feel the extra inches edging out the seams of my wardrobe lately! Yes, she has oido in everything: playing the piano for one - just hum a tune and she plays her own composition for it; take her to a restaurant and she can whip up the new dish she just tasted with an even better flavor; show her a drab dress and she can alter and accessorize it with elan!
This sister of mine is also a politician. Take her anywhere and she can warm up to anyone!
And she has 99% memory retention! So you better tell her the truth!
And I will miss her even more because of her unending stories about anything, and everything, told (and sometimes retold), complete with action and dramatic effects, that keeps anyone spellbound. Yes, there is no seconds when she's around.

KNORR (still remember this spelling?), hubby, Kirby (with her in the pic), the kids and I will truly, truly miss you. Come back soon.


Heartbeats said...

Hello, Have a nice day!!

chona said...


we miss her already. and she said she's excited to go home kse her kitchen is new. hehe. uwi po kayo ulet!

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm glad you spent quality time with Mom Norma. I'm sure she has a lot of stories to tell when she comes home.

julie said...

My husband is like that, sing a tune and he wold be able to play it on the piano even if he doesn't know how its sung :D He will even tell you where you missed a beat :D

Miss you na po :)