Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to Reality

It's been 24 hours since our plane landed in LAX and now I can feel that reality is back! Vacation is over, really, really over. My brain's still confused whether my body should be in bed or in the kitchen washing dishes. Yes, another reality that bites hard is the fact that now I have to do everything by myself. During the last six weeks, everybody was already reading my thoughts even before I started thinking about anything - if I needed to eat, the table was always laden with food that I grew up with, and a sister and nieces would always be around to assist me with, say, dipping sauces, salt and pepper, etc.; someone's on hand to collect my used clothing as soon as I pulled one over my head, and water already boiling so my shower would be perfect. For the last six weeks, I never held a broom or sponge or duster. All that I had to care about was the time I should wake up and the time I should be ready for the next trip. Now, I have to convince myself real hard that those days and times are gone, gone, gone. Snap out of it. This is reality!!!


Heart of Rachel said...

Glad you got home safely. It was wonderful having you. Take care!

Grammie said...

Welcome back...beautiful pictures!