Monday, July 02, 2007


All that I can think of right now is my coming trip to Batangas. My ticker says 6 more days. Yes, less than a week!!! Today I - * kept looking at my ticker * suddenly missed my sisters * kept myself busy by helping Ed fill up Balikbayan boxes * feel as if my head's going to burst as - * I see everything on tables, chairs, sofas and floor * looked for bucks .... * smelled Michael Kors for the first time and * found out I still prefer dolce and gabbana * bought a pair of white pants to wear to my mini-reunion with high school friends * wasn't successful in finding a matching blouse * went for a mammogram (my doctor was getting frantic about my not having it done) * craved for chow mein * had no motivation to cook * bought two bowls of mandarin chow mein * bought bowls of teriyaki chicken and orange chicken * bought a bowl of chicken fried rice * had dinner with Ed and Kirby * made a list of what will go into my carry-on * made a schedule of how to leave the house clean before Ed and I leave * made a mental picture to ask Kirby to help me set up my lap-top * "told myself" to write down numbers and addresses that I will need while away * thought of filling up my weekly medicine dispensers * am sufferring from the SoCal heat * feel so busy finishing nothing * wish we are already on the 6th day!


Heart of Rachel said...

Wow, just 6 more days ... can't wait. See you soon!

exskindiver said...

have a great trip!!!
(my favorite part of batangas is anilao.)
be safe!